Conference Agenda

Theme: Evolution Next - August 28, 2020
9:00 AM - 10:05 AM Registration
10:05 AM - 10:15 AM Welcome Address
10:15 AM - 10:55 AM EXTEND BRAND
The Future Trends In Brand Licensing & Building new Labels
  • The Millenial Cult : New trends, new creativity, new habits, new consumers, New Merchandise
  • Building Brands without Borders
  • The Future of Retail and Ecommerce & Direct to Consumer market
  • Global Licensing Trends and the fast changing Asian Market
  • Latest trends in IPR
10:55 AM - 11:15 AM Fireside chat - The Future of entertainment
11:25 AM - 11:40 AM Special address by Wendell Rodricks, Indian Fashion Designer
11:40 AM - 11:50 AM Special Address: Evolution of Media
11:50 AM - 13:00 PM Session 3: Creating Entertainment for the Digital Generation
Discussion points:
  • Why are content creators looking at streaming services?
  • Rise of season-based episodic content
  • Is there nature of viewership changing?
  • Discovering India with binge watching
  • Content liberation: challenge or opportunity
  • Engaging the discerning viewer with personalisation
  • Penetration India with local and regional content
  • The changing definition of Blockbuster
  • Changing role of copyright protection in Digital age
13:00 PM - 13:10 PM Topic: TBD Vijay Bhanushali, General Manager - Animation, Kids Digital, Licensing & Merchandising, Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd.
13:10 PM - 14:10 PM LUNCH
14:10 PM - 14:55 PM Session 4: Building Fashion or Nothing
Discussion points:
  • Making of a global Indian brand
  • Building a brand for all genders
  • How to Get Your Fashion Label Off the Ground in record time
  • Building a conversational brand through influencers
  • Different tenets of building a brand: premium or mass market
  • Using the power of brands and pageants to build assets
  • Technology-led design philosophy
  • Growing importance of trademark, copyright & Law firms
14:55 PM - 15:55 PM Session 5: A Sports-driven Lifestyle
Discussion points:
  • Looking beyond cricket
  • Creating brands from non-cricket sports
  • Creating non-cricket brands out of sportsmen
  • A new kind of fan-following
  • Building a sports-first brand
  • Sports IPs and IPR law
15:55 PM - 16:15 PM Fireside chat: How to go from Reverence to Relevance?
16:15 PM - 17:15 PM Session 6: Reimagining the brand for the future
Discussion points:
  • How to make brands last in this discerning gen-X era?
  • What does the next generation want?
  • How to build brand presence digitally?
  • Rise of targeted advertisement and its problems
  • Data-driven customer segmentation
  • Patenting as important as inventing and innovating’

17:15 PM - 17:25 PM
17:25 PM - 17:55 PM The 21st century CPG Innovation FMCG and consumer Product companies are just beginning to tap the value proposition of Brand extension and Brand partnerships. Opportunities abound in multiple forms including promotional licensing, product licensing, clip licensing, brand ambassadors for media campaigns et al. How can FMCG companies and advertising agencies unlock & create value by leveraging licensing.
  • The Food Play: Getting into consumers mind before the mouth
  • Building Strong and Robust alcohol Brand Market & also exploring value in non-beverage
  • Bio One – The consumers growing fascination for healthy, organic and eco friendly
  • The Beauty & Personal Care Market – Up for the new

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