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About the Masterclass

India Licensing Masterclass 2018 is an interactive two-day course by License India to offer practical and in-depth analysis of brand licensing as a business strategy along with educating the attendees with all the tools for brand licensing and merchandising in India. This two day certification course focuses on the key aspects of brand licensing in accordance with Indian retail market which is highly fragmented.

Why Brand Masterclass?

Though naive for Indian retail sector, brand licensing has proved to be an effective strategy to scale up at retail. Companies such as US Polo Association, Philips, Ferrari, Green Gold, Warner Brother and Disney owe a significant portion of their revenue to their licensing verticals. However, the market in India is tad a bit different from that globally and comes with its unique set of challenges and opportunities. Brand Licensing Masterclass teaches people how to license their ideas and successfully bring them to the market.

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