Manoj Mishra: COO, DQ Entertainment
Manoj Mishra
COO, DQ Entertainment

Has more than 24 years of expert knowledge and working skills in entertainment Industry ranging from IP development, Licensing & Merchandising, TV Broadcast, Commissioning / Acquisition, Content analysis, Rights management, brand development and monetization of intellectual properties in kids entertainment Business in various organizations.

As COO-DQE group, is responsible for the entire operations, production, Licensing & distribution and sales of the organisation. Manoj also has experience in kids broadcast industry from his previous role as the Head of IP Development/Commissioning and content acquisition at Al Jazeera children’s channel which covered 22 nations in the Middle East . He is also familiar with the gaming sector from his time as Head of gaming division in Wipro before that.

Apart from being credited in some live action shows ,he has also been an executive producer for the globally popular animated TV series “Robin Hood Season 2 –Mischief in Sherwood “ and has also put the hat of associate producer for another international animated TV series “ The Psammy show”-a co-production with Disney Germany .

Has been instrumental in developing different successful business lines in various organization with extensive experience in leading multicultural team helping through mergers of ventures and accomplishing strategic objectives set forth on behalf of stakeholders.

Comprehensive experience in operational understanding of organization on budgetary financing/Co-production with complete understanding of the broadcast ,digital, home video markets including the latest functioning of platforms, product penetration with knowledge on wide range of merchandise and license business across the globe.

Shares patent in his name: Automated quiz generation system, which is Real time quizzing of audience members who view a broadcast of live or recorded events can be a fun and interactive experience. This is published as US9028260 in USA.

India Licensing Expo 2023
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