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Every year, thousands of new licensees (retailers/ manufacturers) are on the lookout for the next character or image that will add instant appeal to their products. Its your opportunity to tap into this lucrative market and use brand licensing as an efficient business model.

If you already have a strong brand with an established customer base then licensing could propel your product to an even wider base of customers and create additional revenue streams for your business. Essentially, Brand Licensing is a concept that leverages the brand's properties across new product lines under brand's direction and vitality. It is about renting a brand across logical product categories with set guidelines and controls, resulting in brand extension.

In India, until a few years ago, no one could have ever thought of brands as assets - they were just a differentiating factor. With changing times, the role of brands has also changed. In recent retail turmoil, we have seen many big brands die with time because they were not able to keep up with the changing preferences of the consumers. On the other hand, brand licensing deputes an industry expert (as a licensee) with manufacturing ability and retail presence to manage the category, and at the same time the brand (as licensor) earns royalties.

Talk to us about how this platform, and understand how licensing can help your business grow by participating in the show with enhanced visibility and identifying right opportunity for your business strategically.

Licensing In India

Licensing is relatively a new concept in India. Many retailers and manufacturers have woken up to the concept. Licensing of brands, sports, characters, entertainment series, celebrities, art, music and artists, are now becoming known in the domestic market. This has created immense opportunities for the global licensing fraternity to explore India. The concept of licensing is fast gaining acceptability with a number of international brands planning to cater to India via licensing.

  • Licensing prospects now exist in all spheres in India - Manufacturers from various industry sectors including apparel, consumer goods, toys, gifts, accessories, sports are keen on taking licenses.
  • The emergence of modern and more organized retail in India has set the pace for new collaborations between International Licensing companies and Indian business houses.
  • Character and entertainment licensing has witnessed terrific activity.
  • Children's entertainment market is steadily gaining pace.
  • Licensing in sports has also developed into a multibillion dollar systematic business in India with formation of various leagues.
  • The attraction of licensing trademarks for business intentions appears to be at an all-time high.
  • Many eminent personalities and fashion designers in India have started licensing their products to Business Houses who independently produce and sell on a large scale and give royalties to designers.
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