August 24, 2018
10:00 AM - 10:40 AM Inaugural Session: The Indian consumer landscape 2020
  • The changing face of retail in India
  • The brand pull to tap the Gen Y
  • The big play of brand licensing: intersection of retail and brand connect
  • Global trends re-shaping in Indian economy
  • New trends in merchandise and what Gen Y wants to own

10:40 AM - 11:00 AM Session 1: Keynote -The future of TV in India
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Session 2: The New Digital Entertainment Ecosystem
  • Entertain me or Else: How to Win the Battle for GenY and gen Z time & attention?
  • Repacking Yesterdays’ entertainment for 21st century audiences
  • Increasing availability of localized content - Is this a game changer for entertainment industry?
  • Navigating the rapidly changing viewership scenario – from ‘inform’ to ‘entertain’
  • Creating a holistic content marketing strategy
  • Getting personal –. Can personalization be scaled? Building IP’s around short-form video and
  • Brilliance can come from any source in today’s entertainment industry – podcast, social media-shared video, or a plain old TV show or film.
  • Fast & Furious: Maximizing overnight sensation IP creation.
  • Movies and music on Facebook and Instagram
  • Evaluating impact driven by YouTube and digital influencers
  • The New age of Hit making

11:45 AM - 12:00 PM Keynote
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM Session 3: The state of stream Entertainment-on-demand has built a complex streaming economy, with a new group of media power players calling the shots. Business strategies vary wildly. User-generated content mixes with premium offerings across platforms. The streaming elite debate what’s next.
12:30 PM - 13:15 PM Session 4: Building the cult Fashion
  • Why Menswear Is Having a Moment
  • How to Get Your Fashion Label Off the Ground in record time
  • The Power of Influence(R)
  • Limited editions and capsule collections
  • To be Celebrity Led in the World of Fashion
  • From reverence to relevance - Using the power of brands and pageants to build assets
  • The Intersection of Fashion, Technology + Experiential Travel

13:15 PM - 14:00 PM LUNCH
14:00 PM - 14:45 PM Session 5: The Future of Sports Influencing the consumer beyond the thrill of the game
  • Digital is where the future lies – reimagining the channel of engagement
  • Sports Teams and the Digital Fan Experience – Driving Engagement and Cut-Through
  • Cultivating Creativity: The Mass Impact of Innovation in Sports
  • Teamwork beyond the Field: Value-Driven Partnerships
  • The Big Business of Sport: A Brand Perspective
  • Sports as Theatre : Reimagining The Biggest Stage
  • Sports League and Sports Deals
  • The Borderless Business of Sporting Spectacles

14:45 PM - 15:15 PM Session 6: Keynote: How to go from Reverence to Relevance?
15:15 PM - 16:00 PM Session 7: Reimaging, Rediscovering and Reinventing Your Brand
  • How to make your brand voice more conversational
  • Re-inventing the business towards a new, digital-centric organization
  • Staging a Brand Rebellion by Embedding influencers in every stage of Consumer journey

16:00 PM - 16:45 PM Session 8: Brand + Licensing – The way forward?
  • How Brand + Licensing paving way for new innovations?
  • New properties, new IPs, innovative categories and licensing
  • How licensing is evolving in Indian market
  • Progressing with the needs & wants of new-age consumer
  • Unconventional licensing deals in India

16:45 PM - 17:30 PM Session 9: Licensing from the lenses of Indian Market
  • How licensing works in India market vis-à-vis global markets
  • The curve of 'unlearn' and 're-learn' in India
  • Sectors that have taken a leap with licensing
  • Home grown, home licensed
  • Case studies of licensing done right in Indian markets
  • Going global with local IPs

17:30 PM - 18:00 PM Valedictory Keynote
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