XYXX Launches an All-New Men's Innerwear Capsule Line 'Lovestruck'

The premium men's apparel brand XYXX celebrates "all things love" with its brand-new innerwear capsule collection Lovestruck.
XYXX Launches an All-New Men’s Innerwear Capsule Line ‘Lovestruck’

XYXX has never failed to impress with its quirky, comfy, and innovative collections. This time once again, the premium homegrown men’s apparel and comfort wear brand brings to you its audacious new capsule collection “Lovestruck”.

To make clothing cool and comfortable, XYXX has weaved all the elements of style, solace, and a little fun to create this brilliant Valentines' collection. 

From romance to bromance, whatever is your scene this Valentine’s Day, the Lovestruck collection will make you feel at ease and all about love. With bold and vibrant scribbles upon its soft and premium fabric, this collection arouses intimacy and authenticity.

Excited on introducing the new product, Yogesh Kabra, Founder of XYXX, shares, “Happy to introduce our new Lovestruck capsule collection this Valentine’s Day! This is an exciting new range of innerwear that men would absolutely love. It’s bold, it’s wild, and will keep Valentine’s mood alive! While Valentine’s Day is all about love, we often forget to love ourselves. The Lovestruck capsule line is a great expression of self-love and would definitely be a good opportunity to consider a gift to yourself.”

The new normal compelled us to spend more time at home, thus creating new priorities in fashion for men and women alike. Why let a pandemic dim your desire to celebrate love? Grab the dashing new Lovestruck capsule line, available on XYXX's website at a price of Rs 399 onwards.