TULA enters into first influencer collaboration with Courtney Shields

Glow Hourby Courtney Shields will be launched nationwide on Tula's website and in select Ulta Beauty stores this summer.
Courtney Shields

TULA Skincare has entered into the first-ever influencer collaboration with Courtney Shields, on a new product named ‘Glow Hour’, a brightening and neutralizing eye balm.

The eye balm is designed to be seamlessly incorporated into any skincare ritual to brighten under eyes, neutralize and treat under-eye circles, and protect from the damaging effects of blue light.

Savannah Sachs, Chief Executive Officer, TULA Skincare, said, “Through her own use of TULA’s products and feedback from her followers, Courtney identified an opportunity for a product that would neutralize and treat dark circles and we were thrilled when she first brought the idea to us over dinner in Texas. Courtney has been a part of the TULA family for more than 4 years and has learned over time exactly what her community wants. Over the last year, she has worked side-by-side with our team to handpick the perfect mix of ingredients that brought the new formula to life and as consumers invest more in their skincare routines, we wanted to bring that much-needed feeling of a ‘Glow Hour’ to market now.”

Glow Hour by Courtney Shields will be launched nationwide on Tula’s website and in select Ulta Beauty stores this summer.

Shields stated, “For years I’ve been a big fan and supporter of TULA Skincare and I’m incredibly proud to be the brand’s first collaborator. With Glow Hour, I wanted to create a product with skincare benefits that actually treats dark circles instead of simply covering them. As a mom, entrepreneur and creator, I always want to make the most of my daily routine and Glow Hour makes it simple to give a little extra self-care in an instant. With TULA’s support, we developed this passion product for my followers and the larger market to feel more comfortable in their own skin.”