The Awkward Yeti and Heart and Brain sign with Surge Licensing Inc

The Awkward Yeti is a webcomic phenomenon, a series led by the recognized and iconic duo, Heart and Brain.
The Awkward Yeti

After creating the hit webcomic, and having published multiple New York Times bestsellers, The Awkward Yeti and Heart and Brain author and artist extraordinaire, Nick Seluk, is now turning his eponymous characters into consumer products and promotions with Surge Licensing, Inc. as the exclusive licensing agent.

The Awkward Yeti is a webcomic phenomenon, a series led by the recognized and iconic duo, Heart and Brain. The comic’s odd couple attempts to pave the way for self-improvement and happiness in funny, heart-warming, and often philosophical scenarios. Heart, the charming consummate optimist, is the impulsive dreamer while Brain is the anxious, pragmatic realist. Together they are constantly at odds but enjoy the occasional respite from compromise. Heart and Brain, and their vessels (Lars, The Awkward Yeti), is flanked by a large cast of memorable organ characters, like the manipulative Tongue, the angry Liver, and the sad Gallbladder.  The webcomics can be read on Instagram, Facebook, and

Surge SVP, Elan Freedman, said, “There is so much wit and charm coded in the brand’s DNA. With such relatability in the characters themselves being organs, their banter, and the situational stories, we have the perfect recipe for a consumer product program and a promotional vehicle that deeply taps into the current zeitgeist, while putting smiles on readers’ faces.”

Since the first publication in 2015, The Awkward Yeti has published 6 books with Scholastic and Andrews McMeel, with 2 titles becoming New York Times bestsellers. Simultaneously, the brand has garnered a multi-million following on social media with three webcomics posted weekly. Additionally, the brand has spurred three highly successful tabletop card games, OrganATTACK!, Heart and Brain: the Party Game and Anxiety Attack.

Nick Seluk, the Creator, stated, “I think people from all backgrounds are drawn to the characters because they can see themselves reflected back regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status or religion. We’re all trying to live our best lives, be the best versions of ourselves, and embrace our own weirdness.”