St. Botanica Introduces Go Hair Care Range

The products are retailed through its brand websites and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Nykaa among others.
St. Botanica Introduces Go Hair Care Range

Emmbros Overseas, one of the fastest-growing Indian companies in the Beauty and HPC (Health & Personal Care) segment, is delighted to introduce their premium all-new hair care range, GO Range. Keeping in mind St. Botanica’s scientific and natural belief, the nature-inspired beauty offers the most innovative blend of scientifically-researched, botanically-rich formulations with the GO Range, free from parabens, SLS/SLES, phthalates, or mineral oils, to cater to unique hair needs. Curating a thoughtful combination of essential ingredients that work wonders for color-treated hair to retain its color and strength, St. Botanica introduces “GO Colored Purple Shampoo”, India’s first-ever one-of-its-kind Purple Shampoo by a homegrown brand, changing the hair ritual game in the Indian market.

Enriched with potent naturally-derived ingredients, the perfect concoction of essential botanical extracts, the GO Range helps to rebond and reinforce the hair surface giving the tresses a hit of Natural goodness. To resolve the most common hair woes for different hair concerns, the collection aims at solving vital hair solutions at home, consisting of 9 different shampoos and conditioners for hair specific requirements and concerns, ideal for every hair type.

St. Botanica Introduces Go Hair Care Range

The ultimate premium go-to hair care collection consists of the absolute must-have for bleached hair - GO Purple Shampoo, created explicitly for bleached and blonde hair, is a formulation of Linseed Oil, Purple Mica, Sunflower Oil that effectively helps in maintaining the color-treated hair in the long run. Another significant hair fix the range offers is for curly hair with their first-of-its-kind GO Curls Shampoo - with a concoction of ultra-nourishing ingredients, GO Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is a gamechanger for the flaky scalp, best suited to treat dandruff and provide scalp-soothing solution while the inclusion of Ichthyol Pale helps protect the upper layer of the scalp, keeping it grim and dandruff free.

St. Botanica proudly introduces India’s first-ever Hyaluronic acid-based shampoo, GO Smooth Shampoo, Hyaluronic Acid with its restorative properties and the goodness of essential oils, smoothens the hair follicles, tames the strands, and makes for the perfect straight, flaunt-worthy silky smooth mane.

With yet another ideal mixture of ingredients in the GO Long Shampoo, formulated with a blend of caffeine and onion, to prevent hair breakage and brittleness and further stimulate healthy hair growth.

St. Botanica Introduces Go Hair Care Range

Included in the range are the incredibly indulgent GO Anti-frizz, Go Volume, GO Strong and GO Anti-hair fall shampoos to treat the strands on a regular basis. The lightweight yet enriching conditioners for each variant prepares for crazy-soft and shiny texture to the tresses. All these products are safe for regular use, being free from Pthalates, Parabens, Sulphates, and all other Toxic Chemicals. Cruelty-free Products.

Embracing the simplistic beauty packaging, the GO collection comes in impeccably packaged elegant tube bottles, each with its unique color scheme highlighting the eye-catching ingredients that depict the product’s composition, adding to the natural flavor.

The entire range is available at St. Botanica's official website. The company has over 400 products across its 5 distinguished brands i.e. St.Botanica, Oriental Botanics, Man Arden, Mom & World, and MuscleXP. The products are retailed through their brand websites and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Nykaa among others.