Spin Master Launches A New Line Of Supercross Toys

This range is developed through an exclusive, multi-year licensing partnership with Feld Entertainment.
Spin Master Launches A New Line Of Supercross Toys

Spin Master Corp. has launched a new line of Supercross toys commencing a multi-year licensing agreement with Feld Entertainment, Inc. as the new global master toy licensee for the premier off-road motorcycle racing series.

Infused with Spin Master innovation, the first wave of Supercross toys delivers reimagined play experiences and heightened authenticity for kids, collectors, and fans of the brand.

Spin Master Launches A New Line Of Supercross Toys

Adam Hyman, Vice President of Marketing, Spin Master, said, “We’re starting off the new year with the first-ever Supercross toy line, recreating the adrenaline and excitement of the popular live events at home, introducing play opportunities never before seen in Supercross license history. The line delivers a new way for fans to engage with Supercross bikes and their esteemed riders, and this is just the beginning with further product innovation and new price points in the pipeline for Fall 2021.”

One of the most exciting brands in motorcycle racing, Supercross, attracts top professional athletes from around the globe, chasing their dreams in the most prestigious stadiums to become the Supercross World Champion. The new toys will entertain and inspire children through everyday play, providing fans with more ways to interact with Supercross beyond the live event.