Is Kodak appointing a local representative in India?

May 10, 2018 | 1:17 pm

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As one of the most iconic brands of the world, the Kodak consumer products business continues to swell up, credits to the portfolio of licensees that nearly doubled in 2017. In 2015, the brand had around 20 licensees and within a year and half, the count increased to around 45, including SPPL – Kodak’s licensee for smart TV and sound bars in India.

Dealing in a wide range of categories through licensing, right from camera accessories to smart phone app around photography showcase, the brand has been bullish about the Indian markets. Going forward, the brand is most likely to appoint a local representative in India, hinted Joel Satin, VP – Global Brand Licensing & CPG, Kodak during a candid interaction with License India.

Talking about the retail market, Satin said, “There is a lot of difference between the global and Indian markets. The good news is that there is more opportunity for big brands that enjoy awareness amongst consumers spanning across lot of categories. Given the consumers wanting to buy brands over products, there can be bigger opportunities in India over UK or US. I think, in that sense there can be a wider range of categories that Kodak could be in India.”

Highlighting the challenges in operating in India, Satin told, “The complicated part is the commercial side of how businesses, need to conduct business in India and how that complicates the licensing relationships.”

Satin, who is on his visit to India hinted that the brand is soon going to finalize a local representative in here. He said, “India has more opportunities than the other markets, but at the same time it is a lot of work which makes us realize the need for a local presence to make things work. It is difficult to operate from outside India.”

It seems that the brand is soon going to give away its representation to one of the licensing agents in India in next few months.

Meanwhile the brand is looking to foray into a bevy of categories in India namely white goods, mini printers, mobile accessories, desktop inkjet printers, instant prints etc.

In coming years, the brand is aiming to expand its portfolio with products and services that will inspire the creative in consumers everywhere. In celebration of the company’s 130th anniversary of the camera, Kodak is also creating brand collaborations with top tier North American, European and Asia retailers.