'Godzilla vs Kong' Stomps into the Whey Protein Category

It is a milestone for these two titans as this will be the world's first-ever Godzilla's whey protein.
‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Stomps into the Whey Protein Category

Toho and Legendary Pictures have signed Megaplex to produce a whey protein powder inspired by the new film Godzilla vs Kong, in a deal brokered by Toho’s agent in Latin America, Kopa Licensing.

Nutramerican Pharma and its brand Megaplex will harness the two titans’ strength, energy, and raw power into a whey protein powder for all athletes wanting to gain muscle mass. It is a milestone for these two titans as this will be the world’s first-ever Godzilla’s whey protein.

Megaplex Mass Zero Sugar is a whey protein powder developed for all fans, athletes, and gym-goers. Four scoops of Megaplex Mass Godzilla vs Kong contain 1000 calories, 50 grams of protein, 6000 mg of creatine, and 1000 mg of HMB. The product comes in two presentations, 5 and 11 pounds. A tour across Colombia’s gyms inviting fans to participate in “Godzilla vs Kong Challenge” will support the launch of the product.

Richard Castiblanco, President, Nutramerican Pharma, said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be working alongside Toho, Legendary, and Warner Bros, supporting the release of Godzilla vs Kong. The DNA of both monsters is the perfect match for our new product Megaplex Mass. The movie will be the first blockbuster we will be able to enjoy at theaters after a long time and we felt it was the right time to surprise our customers with something special and monstrous.”

Carlos Carvajal, Managing Director at Kopa Licensing, stated, “We’re thrilled to work with brands like Megaplex and bring the power of Godzilla vs Kong to life with innovative products like Megaplex Mass, for all those who take care of their body and health.”