Designer Katie Eary to launch Powerpuff Girls womenswear

February 26, 2018 | 6:45 am


As the Powerpuff Girls head for their 20th anniversary celebration, Cartoon Network has teamed up with British fashion designer Katie Eary to launch a line of Powerpuff Girls womenswear.

The line which has been revealed in time for London Fashion Week, would mark Katie Eary’s first-ever womenswear collection.

The 15-piece collection includes tops, sweatshirts, dresses, trousers, as well as a “mini-me” range for powerful women and aspiring young girls. The collection will be available later this year at select department stores and boutiques across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Further, to support the launch, Eary is creating bespoke in-store displays and window concepts for retailers.

Commenting on the launch, Johanne Broadfield, VP of Cartoon Network Enterprises EMEA said, “The Powerpuff Girls and Katie Eary is a perfectly matched collaboration with both brands sharing a bold visual style and an unwavering commitment to celebrating diversity, self-expression and equality.”

“What’s more, the fact that The Powerpuff Girls has inspired Katie Eary’s first ever womenswear range is a fitting testament to the brand’s social relevance and aspirational appeal. It’s a really special collection and I’m confident it will cause a huge stir when it launches at retail.”

Adding to it, Katie Eary said, “I’m a big fan of The Powerpuff Girls and I was so excited to partner with Cartoon Network for my debut womenswear collection at London Fashion Week. I wanted to take the three superhero sisters with me into a new era of female empowerment.”

Briefing about the collection, the designer asserted, “My collection celebrates diversity and breaking down gender stereotypes, so I’ve combined my signature prints with luxe materials to signify boldness and grace. I hope my collection truly inspires a new generation of young women to feel empowered.”

The range will be supported by celebrity product seeding and outreach to influential consumer fashion press. Additionally, a playful The Powerpuff Girls themed landing page will be created for Katie Eary’s website.

The announcement is the latest in a series of new licensing projects for the Powerpuff brand, as Cartoon Network celebrate the iconic superheroines 20th anniversary.