What made Biotique foray in brand licensing?


Foraying into new product categories, herbal and organic beauty products maker Biotique has announced partnership with Disney India to bring the entertainment major’s characters into the Baby and Kids range. Operating in the personal care industry for over 20 years, the brand brings together a combination of time-tested Ayurvedic products with Disney’s timeless menu of great stories and compelling characters to launch a special range for kids and babies.

In a candid conversation with License India, Vinita Jain, CMD, Biotique talks about the alliance with Disney and her foray in brand licensing industry.

Talk to us about the journey of Biotique so far?

1992: The year that Biotique began—and the dream of a young Indian girl came true. The Himalayan Masters lived in the caves my family’s estates, where I learned to read Sanskrit and studied the ancient Ayurveda texts. The recipes for youth & longevity were of particular interest to her. When it was time, I left the Himalayas to attend New Delhi University. Thereafter I studied bio-technology in Switzerland and used my knowledge and interest in bio-science to start Biotique– a new age of potent organic beauty..

What backings you have made to make it at par with other wellness retailers?

Ayurveda is time-tested. A blend of botanical extracts makes Biotique products a unique treatment available in the market. Today, people understand the importance of using natural products and hence, we are here today.

Off late you have unveiled Disney collection. What potential do you see in such alliances?

Disney has a timeless menu of great stories and compelling characters. It’s a brand that parents trusts and kids enjoy. Our thought process was to bring the best of both brands — Biotique’s expertise in the skin & hair care products and the emotional connect that kids and families in India have with the Disney stories and characters.

Why made you think of getting into brand licensing?

Biotique is known for its high quality products and since that’s a proposition every mother seeks in a product for her children, it gives a chance to Biotique’s to make itself preferred choice in the new baby and kids range. So, when Disney brand approached us for this licensing option, we gladly partnered it through the characters that mothers and kids love.

How has this alliance benefitted you?

Disney is a brand that parents trust and kids love. By collaborating with Disney India, we will be able to provide the best of both brands – Biotique’s expertise in the skin & hair care and emotional connect that kids and families in India share with the Disney’s timeless stories and characters. This collaboration will provide high quality products that would bring smile and happiness to both – kids and families.

What are the marketing strategies for Disney collection?

Our high quality products are available at a reasonable price and placed across leading retailers and distributors in the market. We will keep increasing our distribution and make it available to a larger base of consumers.