Marie Claire exploring opportunities in India through licensing


It was not long ago that French magazine ‘Marie Claire’ forayed in India through brand licensing. So far, the brand has launched across three categories and is betting big on the affordable fashion space in India, though discounts are not a part of the plan, asserted Roberto Bre, Director, Private Collection & Co., in an interaction with License India

What potential do you see in the Indian market for Marie Claire?
First of all, we are licensing the brand among different categories of products and services and not coming with our own proposal. That means we are matching our DNA with local needs. We are licensing through two major categories of players – one is the manufacturer and the other is the distributor – both well-experienced in local markets. We are matching their expertise with our DNA in order to be successful.

How are you looking to bridge the difference in cultural sensibilities?
We are talking about inspirations and not disturbing or deviating what is valuable to India in terms of cultural sensibilities. We want to emphasize on specific qualities of India with a twist driven by the DNA of Marie Claire. We are one of the major feminine magazines in the world. We are into licensing since three decades and boast of very strong presence in areas like Japan, Korea and the US. So we know how to approach and what to bring. But India as a country is very specific in terms of taste, needs and business model.

What categories are in the pipeline as of now?
We really want to explore various opportunities. Apart from what we are doing at the moment, which is more in the classical direction of development, our engagement will be with fashion accessories, women’s wear, sunglasses, bags, etc. Other than that we are looking for complementary categories such as cosmetics, beauty and skin care, home décor, etc.

How have you strategized the positioning of Marie Claire?
It will be affordable in terms of price points but not discounted because discounts are dangerous. There is no sense being a luxury brand and offering 70% discount. It will not be mass but on top of the mass market so as to be recognised as an international brand. We want to achieve best quality at affordable prices.

When are you planning to retail through offline channels?
For the moment we are just developing our e-commerce channel with segmented categories on being coherent in the market. The next step is a matter of understanding the synergies in terms of branding and corporate operations. As of now our focus is just on developing product categories with a lot of attention to pricing, brand image and communication. The brick-and-mortar format will come, but in later stages.