Madame plans a range of brand extensions

Akhil Jain, Executive Director, Madame talks about their journey as a licensor.
Madame plans a range of brand extensions

Madame, an aspirational international fast-fashion brand for women’s apparel and accessories has been in the licensing space for quite a while now. Akhil Jain, Executive Director, Madame talks about their journey as a licensor.

“Madame has a very strong recall among women and stands for fashion that helps a woman express herself. We are planning a range of brand extensions, from eyewear to footwear, through licensing arrangements. We will also strengthen our international footprint through licensing, sourcing, manufacturing and franchising operations. 25% of the global licensing industry revolves around fashion and accessories. Madame will focus on strengthening its brand and leverage this strength across categories for growth”, he said highlighting their dive into licensing.

Talking about the success of their collections Jain stated, “Madame strives continuously to inspire young women to express their individuality and spirit through accessible fashion. Last year was the year for improved styles and numbers and the new designs we created helped see a great jump in our summer collection sale at stores. We have seen a successful growth in dresses, bottoms, Jumpsuits, and our denim category. Now women choose through wide range of options Madame’s range for all occasions, from party wear to casualwear. Madame’s creations are based on the tastes and choices of women and suit women of a wide age range.  We are also soon going to launch a new range of denims and will be highly focused on the Madame’s evergreen denim selections.”   

“We have had a very strong loyal following and that has been the greatest strength of our brand. We make sure we bring new styles every year with experimental fabrics. We make bold fashion statements and we keep up in tune with international trends, and are sometimes are even ahead of them”, said Jain describing their strengths.

“In the next 5 years, we will focus on building franchisees across the nation, entering new markets with the fashion offerings of Madame. We will be investing in new technologies and in marketing. Our focus will be towards outsourcing much of our fashion line, though our own factories will be for our forthcoming seasons’ lines. Also, we want to understand the Indian woman’s changing tastes with time, and our focus will be on deeper engagement with them also. Madame has always believed in our customer’s convenience and are available omni-channel, available through Madame stores, online fashion retailers and also through our own online store. Growth of own online store, will also be a strong focus over the next two years.” lastly, he said highlighting their future plans.