Green Gold to launch trailer for Hanuman vs Mahiravana


Green Gold Animation is gearing up for the release of their new animation movie “Hanuman vs Mahiravana” – An untold story from Ramayana.

You can check out a snippet of the movie Hanuman vs Mahiravana here!

The movie retells the story of how Veer Hanuman battles the evil Mahiravana & rescues Lord Rama & Laxmana. According to mythology, when Ravana was on the verge of losing the battle to Lord Rama, he approached his brother Mahiravana to capture and kill Lord Rama and Laxmana. Mahiravana was a master of occult and sorcery. He had dark powers and the abilities to change forms. Using these powers he deceived Lord Rama and Laxmana and captured them.

The animated film is produced by Green Gold Animation’s Samir Jain, Rajiv Chilaka and Srinivas Chilkalpudi, and created by Gamaya Inc. It is directed by Ezhil Vendan and written by Narayanan Vaidyanathan.

Gamaya Inc is a California-based video game and connected toys start-up that forayed into India with the launch of Gamaya Legends – a video game based on one of the world’s greatest epic – Ramayana.